Where is my baggage System for airport baggage delivery companies.

Where is my baggage System has been developed for 9 years; currently we handle 35-40 thousand baggage per year.

Why us?

  • Our avarage delivery time:

    - to Budapest: 0,095 day,
    - domestic delivery: 0,686 day,
    - delivery abroad: 1,190 days

  • We offer delivery to all countries bordering Hungary

  • We call each client before delivery in order to avoid inconvenience.

  • We perform our tasks with the help of ExE Manager, our internally developed managing system, which is responsible for orders, customs clearance, deliveries and invoicing. The system provides information about any baggage later on as well.

  • Our coordinators and deliverers also pay particular attention to our clients, their demands and to their own appearances.

  • We offer express delivery without extra charge. Our deliverer departs for the given adress within 60 minutes after the arrival of the baggage.

How it Works

“Where’s my Baggage” comprises of a PC software, a mobile application and a website, all of which are connected to a central database. The system provides constant access to live information about the baggage’s location for the airline, the ground handling crew, the delivery company and the passenger alike, thereby ensuring transparency for all the participants in the process of reuniting passengers with their belongings.

The database records the movement of the baggage through the different providers using unique identifiers for each user and piece of baggage.

Commercial Benefits

By using “Where’s my Baggage”, all participants of the process benefit in various forms, with the ultimate beneficiary being the client – the passenger can take delivery of their baggage in a more transparent and time efficient manner.

Some examples:

  • a daily report that provides easily accessible daily profit tracking
  • monthly projections of profit based on previous activity, which can provide valuable information for preparing resources, etc.
  • accurate reporting on the number of deliveries handled by coordinators and couriers on a 6-monthly basis
  • distance to be covered for delivery is calculated by the system to provide vital information in calculating cost per delivery
  • a daily report of the number of baggage delivered as well as the actual delivery times, providing insight to the efficiency of processes
  • a paperless solution, saving cost as well as contributing to achieving more environmentally sustainable practices
  • passengers having 24/7 access to their baggage delivery status through the website help reduce the number of customer service calls to the airline
  • Statistical analysis of the data recorded in the system can be used in a multitude of different ways to provide crucial insights into where opportunities may lie to create further efficiencies to promote cost and time savings -please contact us for custom reports
  • the system keeps an audit track of each user’s activity, which not only makes it possible to follow the path of each piece of baggage in real time, but also helps get to the bottom of any issues when they arise. This is achieved by unique identifiers for all users and every piece of baggage, increasing security against theft and loss of items.
  • every piece of baggage is signed for at delivery by the passenger using a smartphone app, which eliminates paperwork and provides real-time data of the delivery status of the baggage
  • the software allows for timestamped photos to be attached to each case, providing a record of any damage that may have occurred, as well as identifying the responsible party
  • the passenger contract is available in several different languages, catering for a wide variety of travellers

Getting Started

It can take a lot of time and money to build a baggage tracking system, not to mention the effort to train and implement across all providers you are in contract with. “where’s my Baggage” is available immediately for an easily manageable monthly fee. We provide online tutorials and end-to-end workflows to assist our clients in getting up and running with the system as quickly as possible, so that you can transform your delivery process into a cost-efficient, transparent solution that facilitates increased profits and improved client experience for your passengers.

About “Where’s my Baggage”

“Where’s my Baggage” was developed in 2012 to help baggage delivery companies more efficiently track and handle their deliveries. The system is used to handle around 40,000 pieces of mishandled baggage every year, a number steadily growing as more and more airlines engage with us


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