Where is my baggage System for airport baggage delivery companies.

Where is my baggage System has been developed for 6 years; currently we handle 35-40 thousand baggage per year.

Our Services

Where is my Baggage?

The system has a central database, to which a software for the coordinators at the airport, a smartphone application for the deliverymen, and a website is connected. These features provide a constant access to the status of the baggage for delivery companies, the airlines, the ground handling company, as well as the passengers.

What are the commercial benefits of the our services?

  • the delivery company receives a daily report of the deliveries, providing an easy way to check the daily profit
  • based on the deliveries of the previous months, the system creates a monthly prediction, which can be used to estimate the profit of the months coming
  • the exact number of deliveries in a half year of both coordinators and deliverymen can be checked
  • airlines receive a daily report, in which they can check the number of the baggage and the exact delivery times of the previous day
  • all data is registered electronically, thus there is no paper wasted
  • further individual requests are possible

How does it work?

  • each user has an unique identifier, thus every action can be easily identified
  • all data in the system can be filtered, searched for, and used to create statistics
  • the system calculates the distance for each delivery to make accounting easier
  • all baggage are protected by a seal with an unique identifying number, making theft during delivery impossible
  • upon receiving the baggage, the passenger signs a document stating they received the bag, and the deliveryman modifies its’ status to delivered using the smartphone application; thus every action can be checked later
  • photos with a timestamp can be attached to cases in the software, to prove that a baggage was already broken, when received from the ground handling company
  • the language of the contract can be changed for each passenger
  • passengers can check the status of their delivery on the website, largely reducing the number of calls to the customer service
  • there is an online tutorial attached, making training employees easier
  • the total work flow is provied

In summary

To create one’s own baggage tracking system can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money, while you can start using the Where is my baggage System immediately for a monthly fee. With its’ help the whole process of delivery becomes cost-efficient and transparent, as well as it increases the profit for both the delivery company and the airlines.


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